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Curriculum Plan for Language Arts and Math

See Attachments below for Curriculum Maps. Please note that this map is a guide, so we may be working ahead or behind the intended schedule.

Teaching Philosophy

    The fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning into my students. Learning can take place in many different circumstances and contexts. I honestly believe every child is capable of learning, and will learn. Each one of us has a different learning styles: some learn best in lecture atmospheres, some are motivated by discussion, and others absorb best when they read and reflect on what they have read. My classroom setting can encourage or inhibit learning depending on the dominant learning style of each student. Being able to work with the different learning styles creates an atmosphere that is critical to learning. I also believe that students will meet any expectation a teacher sets for them. 

My job, as a teacher is to create an atmosphere that fosters learning as well as makes my students feel loved and safe . I am an instructor because I have a passion for guiding students through the learning process, in addition to a passion for the material I present. I will love each of my students as if they are my own children.

Classroom Management

I feel that teaching your child how to be a good citizen and a well rounded person is extremely important. In third grade we will be using positive reinforcement to encourage following  rules, procedures and routines.


Reading: Journeys Basal Readers and Scholastic Guided Reading 
Math:Math in Focus
Science: Fusion
Social Studies: Harcourt Braces
Different online resources are incorporated into all subject areas (examples: Super teacher worksheet,Teacher pay Teacher, Pineterest.

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