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  • A homework packet will be sent home on Fridays and is due the next Friday. Please note, I do not assign homework on the weekends; however, I send the homework packets home on Fridays for households that have a busy school week and request to have an early start on homework. The packet consists of spelling and reading work.

  • Reading homework will be a reading log or questions to check for understanding. Third grade students should read 20-30 minutes each night.

  • A daily math page(s) is/are sent home Monday through Thursday to reinforce math concepts learned that day. This assignment is always due the next day.

  • IXL language arts and math assignments are given. They should be completed on Fridays; however, I do not check for completion until Monday. This gives students time to complete the modules if they had a busy week.

  • There may be additional assignments or projects. Also, if students do not complete classwork at school, they may be asked to take it home, complete it, and return it.

  • Students who consistently do not have homework completed may be asked to have a working lunch.